My Team


Quite Often the Subjects own Doctor is not to be trusted in this process – just ask Michael Jackson – So I like to Bring my own MD or PA or source one close to the coming intervention so that The Absolutely best care can be given to the subject


Locally as well as in a couple other Major Cities i have Needed the services of an Lawyer to petition courts to allow a subject to leave the state and on more than one occasion i have needed their services in conjunction with the next member of my team to get the subject out of jail and cleared for treatment

Bail Bondsman

My closest friend is also my Bail Bondsman and his motto on his business cards is “For a small fee, Ill set you Free” Anywhere outside of North Carolina I will¬†source one close to the coming intervention.

Private Investigator

If the Actual Whereabouts of the subject are unknown a local P.I. can save valuable time and even make the difference between Life and Death.



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