About Me

My name is Jon Boyer and in addition to being a successful Entrepreneur and Business Executive I am also a Recovering Alcoholic and Addict,  with years active in a 12 step program. Executive-Discretion.com is my attempt to pool together my somewhat unique position as a senior level executive in international business with my experiences in Recovery and the other addicts i have met there. Over the years i have served in many capacities but I have found none as rewarding as helping other addicts get clean. As part of my service work i have been asked to speak in Rehabs, Detox facilities, Jails, Prisons and even Schools. Through this process I have built a network of relationships, both personal as well as professional all over the country. Some of these people include Physicians, Attorneys, Judges, and Private Investigators. These Professionals are now a part of my team and eager to get my clients lives back on track.
Of all of these endeavors the most challenging and important has been to help someone WANT TO find treatment. A lot of times this takes the form of an Intervention just like on the A&E show HERE, other times it may require real detective work and some pretty hairy situations. I have been asked by the poorest families you can imagine to help find a missing loved one and get them off the street and into a Detox Center. On the other hand I have helped out on campus at Fortune 500 Companies (More than once in the board room with the some of the Board of Directors in attendance of a Direct Intervention).

In the Business world the impact of one person’s addiction can literally affect thousands of people. The mere suggestion of a Junky in senior management could be devastating to share price. Loosing key personnel  can be even more expensive. But is Firing really the only option? Sadly sometimes yes, however if you have read this far chances are you are looking for a another option.

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