Executive And VIP Intervention

Executive And VIP Intervention

VIP Consulting services are designed to meet the unique and highly sensitive needs of celebrities and executives with extreme privacy and confidentiality. Whatever services you require, VIP Consulting, is available to represent you and provide you with first class services, safety, security, luxury, and convenience. We have the resources to provide you with highly experienced professional staff.

Workplace Intervention

Identifying and working with employees that have addictions and/or mental health issues is exhausting and challenging to the employer and the other employees. One person can affect the morale, the productivity, and the profitability of the company. One out of ten employees has a drinking problem and a third of those also use illegal drugs. Untreated addiction is more costly to companies than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined. Denial is the first symptom of the chemically dependent or behaviorally dependent person. They do not have the ability to ask for help. You can effectively intervene on someone in your workplace by calling (704) 286-6098 today before something serious happens.

Family Intervention

Nothing in life prepares us to deal with a loved one that is engaged in addictive behaviors or behaviors related to mental health issues that are heading down the road to disaster. A family intervention is vital in getting all family members on the same page and helping the healing process begin. The emotional connection that exists between close family members and friends often affects the ability to make good, sound decisions.

Unknowingly, family members who live with or are closely connected to someone engaged in unhealthy behaviors, take on specific roles that enable the destructive process to spiral out of control. Family members can be affected forever by the relationship that exists with an alcoholic, addict and/or mentally ill person.

Recovery from these difficult and strained relationships is possible. A properly orchestrated intervention by trained professionals is a proven, effective way to move your loved one into the proper level of treatment.


An alcohol intervention, drug intervention, mental health intervention, or behavioral intervention is a powerful, proven process that saves lives. Our team of Professionals are trained and experienced specialists that assist families or businesses, in moving their loved one or business associate into the appropriate level of treatment. Often family members, friends or business associates do not know what level of treatment is necessary. Our team will consult and collaborate with families or businesses using information from each unique situation in order to recommend the appropriate level of treatment.

Our intervention process involves confronting the chemically or behaviorally dependent individual on their behaviors with care and concern. The intervention team will join together in a training and planning session before the intervention. The training process will educate the team, bring the behavioral facts to light, prepare the intervention statements/letters, determine the role of each member, and handle other details in order to orchestrate an effective intervention. The process begins with one person. We will assist you every step of the way, including determining the intervention team members.

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