Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation in Florida

Many drug and alcohol rehabilitation center professionals believe a strict environment, hospital-style living quarters and little communication with the world outside rehab is the ticket to life-lasting sobriety. Although this approach might provide some with permanent results, at 12 Keys Rehab we believe our “real recovery” approach offers those struggling with the effects of alcohol and drugs a better way.

We Understand. We Were There, Too.
Our staff is comprised of recovered addicts and alcoholics. We know what our clients are going through first-hand. We understand that learning to live a satisfying life in sobriety means learning how to manage with the pressure and stress of everyday life without the crutch of alcohol or drugs. It does not mean only learning how to live soberly in rehab.
At 12 Keys, our clients have access to their laptop computers and cell phones. They can communicate with family members and business associates as needed. Our counselors and specialists teach our clients the techniques they need to manage everyday events because they are there to watch them happen. That is what makes us the addiction recovery program Florida families and more rely on for life-lasting sobriety.

Customized Solutions for Real People Experiencing Real Recoveries
The 12 Keys Rehab only accepts about 30 clients at one time. Our low staff-to-client ratio of 1-to-3 makes us well positioned to provide the utmost in private individualized care. We offer more one-to-one counseling sessions than any other rehabilitation center in the field today. Clients also find our group sessions less intimidating because of our small size. In our recovery family, no one ever gets lost in the shuffle.

Incredible Location, Luxurious Amenities, Outstanding Activities
The 12 Keys blend of location, amenities and activities makes us an ideal place to rest, reflect and reengage with once-loved activities. From our 10-acre waterfront location to our private and semi private rooms with golfing, surfing, fishing and horseback riding, 12 Keys offers the recovering client a comfortable, luxurious way to discover why living life in sobriety is not just responsible, but fun.


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