Executive Intervention

Executive intervention is designed specifically for an employee of a company who has developed or is beginning to develop signs of some type of substance abuse addiction. Substance abuse is a general term that encompasses everything from alcohol to prescription drug abuse.

In the past companies usually only had to worry about executives who maybe drank too much and had developed an alcohol problem. But today’s executives can potentially be abusing a plethora of different substances. In recent years prescription drug abuse has shown the most dramatic rise in popularity as the new drug of choice for many executives.

Why is prescription drug abuse so prevalent nowadays? 
It becomes very easy to understand when you think about how most people start out abusing prescription drugs in the first place. It begins in a completely legal and socially acceptable way – with their doctors writing them a prescription for the drugs. In addition most families have prescription drugs in their family medicine cabinets and these drugs are generally thought of as less taboo than the other so called hard drugs like heroin or crack.

No matter what substance your executive is abusing, if they have become or have started to become addicted to that substance (alcohol or drugs), their work performance will invariably suffer. It is at this point that your company will need to schedule a professional Executive Intervention.

In almost every case an Executive Intervention will be necessary, because no matter what substance your executive has become addicted to, they probably won’t come to you about their problem on their own.

Addiction just doesn’t work that way in the real world. Substance abuse addiction is too powerful and it will always refuse to release the stranglehold that is has over your executive regardless of how much sheer will or individual determination they may have once possessed.

Your executive can only truly stop their substance abuse and overcome their addiction with an Executive Intervention. After the Executive Intervention they will finally understand that they can’t beat this on their own, and they need to get professional help.

Your executives are professionals and if you suspect that they need help and an Executive Intervention, you should only consider working with licensed and accredited professional interventionists. Your business is too important to be dealing with people who call themselves coaches or companions or worse “escorts”, to get your employee sober or off of drugs for good.

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