Family Intervention

Any family that has experienced the pain of drug or alcohol addiction in one of its members knows that it affects every member of the family, not just the abuser. Family members often try and walk the fine line between confrontation and enabling – and rarely succeed. More often, each member gets cast in a role defined by its relationship to the underlying disease. A family intervention can often be the best way to break the cycle of abuse and start your entire family on the road to a successful recovery for your loved one.

A family intervention can however be a very challenging process for everyone involved. And, it is not something that should be attempted with the guidance and assistance of a licensed professional in the field. A professional counselor can help you conduct a family intervention with love, respect and support – increasing your chances of achieving a successful outcome for both the individual with the drug and/or alcohol problem and the rest of their extended family.

To be successful with your family intervention, you need to properly prepare your family for the event. A professional counselor can help you approach your loved one about their addiction in a way that is not overly harsh or judgmental, while clearly communicating the ways in which their behavior has harmed those around them. The goal of a family intervention is to get the individual into a treatment program and begin to repair the damage to the entire family.

Before beginning a family intervention, everyone involved also needs to be ready for the possibility of failure. Not every family intervention is a success, and they can sometimes create feelings of resentment or anger that may last long beyond the event. Sometimes the subject of the family intervention can feel judged or ambushed. Other times, a family intervention may bring other family issues to the surface that also require attention. You need to be prepared to face what may be a very challenging situation – and the help of a professional is crucial in this regard.

A qualified addiction professional can help to create a supportive environment for your family intervention that maximizes its chances of success. They can help guide the process and focus it on the road to recovery instead of the mistakes of the past. The experience may be difficult, but together your family can take the first step toward freedom from addiction by arranging a family intervention for your loved one who is suffering. With love, support, and professional guidance – you have a great chance to succeed.

Contact us today and we will recommend a professional interventionist who will support you and your family during your family intervention process, guiding your loved one back to the person you all knew and loved before or maybe never even had the chance to become because of their addiction.

Today is the time to do the right thing: call right now and schedule a family intervention for your loved one.